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Car Transport

Worldwide Car Transport – Live The Dream


Importing a car from the United States to New Zealand?  Importing a bike, boat or even an RV from the United States?  Mainfreight have a dynamic freight and car transport specialist team who can make your dream of owning a classic car or bike from the USA come true! 

You’ve always dreamed of owning a classic car or a muscle car from the USA but didn’t know where to start?  Finding the right classic car in New Zealand can be nearly impossible, so consider directly importing from the United States.  Our team in the United States are experts in classic cars and muscle cars.  Not only shipping cars from the United States, because our team love classic American cars, we can assist you to source the car, they will appraise the car on your behalf and then bring it home with Kiwi Shipping - our car shipping service

Find out about car transport from USA to New Zealand and our Kiwi Shipping team will show you just how easy it is to make that dream come true.

Car Transport - Import From USA Get Started with our Kiwi Shipping team

Car Parts from the USA

Already have your Classic American car?   Held up waiting for parts?  Because our team are experts at sourcing car parts in the USA, we make importing car parts easy.  Have them sent to you using our address in Los Angeles, we’ll consolidate them and ship them to you when you’re ready.  Cost effective and so simple!

Track and Trace

With our online track and trace feature, from USA to New Zealand, every step of the journey you can track your shipment 24/7.

Contact our Kiwi Shipping Team and let's talk car parts, car transport and car shipping. We'll show you just how easy it is to make that dream come true!


For the automotive industry to avid car collectors, we have a service that specialises in importing your vehicles in from the UK.  Our premium weekly service is direct from Southampton to New Zealand. We have a dedicated team that is with you from start to finish, making the sometimes complicated process easy.

Custom-made racking ensures your vehicles are protected throughout transit and 24/7 online tracking you can check on you precious cargo anytime. We have full control of your shipment so you can rest easy knowing your business is in good hands. 

Talk to our expert team to find out more about our service from the UK.  



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