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FremanWeb Printing - Quick Print Client

About Quick Print

FremanWeb is our fast and easy-to-use online freight management system which allows you to produce and print all transport documents to accompany your freight in just a few clicks.

Quick print is our easy to install Print Client that allows you to configure your printers and print documentation directly from Fremanweb. Making it even easier and quicker to create your freight documentation - Consignments, labels and dangerous good certificates.

Installation - The Quick Print Client is required to be installed on a PC, the install process is very simple.

You may need to contact your System Administrator before downloading the Quick Print Client as downloads may be blocked and installation is required.

Update - To update an already installed version of the Quick Print Client right click on the Quick Print icon in the Icons Bar which is located at the bottom right of your screen and select Update.

If you are interested in giving the Quick Print Client a try and have any queries, please contact the Customer Facing Team

(AU) 03 8336 0900

(NZ) 09 525 8848



FremanWeb Printing - Printer Management Tool

About the Printer Management Tool

FremanWeb is our fast and easy-to-use online freight management system which allows you to produce and print all transport documents to accompany your freight in just a few clicks.

The Printer Management Tool (PMT) is an extension of Quick Print and is ideal for network environments that are more complicated than a single computer with a locally installed printer.

Using PMT, the Quick Print client only needs to be installed in one centralised location (ideally a server). Once PMT has been set-up, a user can browse to Mainchain and print to a company printer, regardless of whether they are on or off their company network.  

PMT as a printing solution can be used to solve:

-          Windows Terminal Services Environments (as a work-around for Citrix environments),

-          Multi-logins on the same computer (runs as a service),

-          General network issues (slow company intranet/printing network, spread out company networks, remote users/operators in changing locations, java requirements on other systems),

-          And can also eliminate steps in the dispatch process!


Virtual Printing Tray

-          PMT can be set up anywhere as long as it can access your company’s printer network.

-          As long as your company’s printers and Mainchain admin account has been configured for PMT, you can print to those configured printers from your Mainchain account.

Solution to the Terminal Environment

-          PMT can be set up to work with Windows Terminal Services.

-          Once PMT has been initially set up, any user within the same company can browse to Mainchain and will be able to print to any of the company’s network printers.

Automatic Printing from Freman Web (when using EDI)

-          PMT creates added functionality in Freman Web by automatically printing consignments that have been successfully imported via EDI.

-          Automatic printing means that Mainchain does not need to be accessed on a day to day basis, reducing the steps and time taken for the dispatch process. 

If you are interested in using the Printer Management Tool, please contact the Customer Facing Team

(AU) 03 8336 0900

(NZ) 09 525 8848

Printer Management Tool Licensing

The Printer Management Tool is covered by Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 (MPL). Mozilla is the custodian of the Mozilla Public License (MPL), an open source/free software license. To get more information and/or obtain a copy of Mozilla Public License Version 2.0, please visit these links:

The Printer Management Tool is open source. To obtain a copy of the source code, please send an email to mainchainsupport@mainfreight.co.nz Your request will take 1 to 2 business working days to process.

NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.