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Bookings and Orders

Automating the booking process creates a solution that is fast, efficient and reduces data entry errors.

Supported approaches:

Domestic Freight

Direct Integration - Create your own documentation

Available for all regions this is ideally suited to companies who have the capability and want to create their own shipping documentation and labels whilst still getting the benefits of improved productivity, reduced data entry errors and a more streamlined process.

Consignment data is sent to Mainfreight from your IT system and imported directly into our Transport Management System (TMS). Once we have received the information the pickup process is automatically started.

Supported standards and transports:

Files formats – XML, CSV, ANSI X12, AS2, JSON

Transport methods

Click here for Australasian Transport EDI Specification Information

To get the full specification, please contact account manager for more information 

Integration via Mainchain - We create your documentation for you

Fremanweb is the consignment creation module within Mainchain that enables the creation of domestic freight bookings including consignment notes, labels and dangerous goods certificates. Fremanweb supports both data entry and integration for the creation on consignments.

Integrating with Fremanweb enables a more streamlined solution as well as providing an interface for consignment to be edited and updated prior to printing.

Send an XML or CSV file with your consignment note details from your software or website directly to Fremanweb via email or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Portal)

Freman Web creates all your shipping documentation. Printing freight labels, consignment notes and dangerous goods declarations from Freman Web.

Find out more about Fremanweb

Air & Ocean Shipments

Also available via Mainchain, import and export bookings including International Orders can seemliness flow from you system to ours. Automatically initiating the booking processes and providing early visibility to all parties.

Export Bookings

In addition to Mainchain Shipment Centre, exporters can provide bookings via EDI. This will eliminate the need to complete SLI’s and email your local representative. Your customer service person will be alerted immediately and you can rest assured a booking confirmation will follow shortly after.

Purchase Orders

The traditional method of communicating purchase orders is slow, inefficient and can have data integrity issues. We can accept any file format you can provide and have these load into our operating system automatically. Your customer service person will be alerted, when the time is right, to follow up your purchase order with our origin office.

Contact your local branch to find out how to commence Air and Ocean bookings via EDI



Inwards orders

Create early visibility of inwards orders for our warehouse facilities around the world.
Improved efficiencies and reduce the risk of data entry errors with our integrated warehousing orders solutions.

Supported standards and transports:

Files formats – XML, CSV, ANSI X12, AS2, JSON

Transport methods

Sales Orders

Orders created in your applications or website are sent to our warehouse system. Once received the pick and pack process is commenced. Reducing the time it takes to process and ship an order.

Supported standards and transports:

Files formats – XML, CSV, ANSI X12, AS2, JSON

Transport methods

Find out more able warehousing order integration

Click here to talk to our team about warehousing orders via EDI 


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