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Freight Management System – Freman

What is Freman?

Freman is our fast and easy-to-use online freight management system which allows you to produce and print all transport documents to accompany your freight in just a few clicks. This system has become the first choice for our customers who want easy consignment creation and increased productivity within their operations without the need to install anything.

Freman is regularly updated with new features and improvements to meet your freight management needs.


What are the benefits of using Freman?

Create and print your own consignment documentation

  • Consignment notes
  • Consignment labels
  • Dangerous goods certificates
  • Summary manifests
  • CHEP report

If you have Java installed on your PC, Freman will remember your default printers to save you time with every consignment created.

Web based Advantages

  • Accessible anywhere at anytime
  • All you need is a computer with internet access and an existing account with us. Please contact your local branch if you are a regular customer and want to set up a login
  • Easily despatch freight from multiple computers 
  • No installation required on your network 
  • Maintain and upgrade your own systems without needing to migrate databases, re-install software on every machine or manage regular database backups

Accurate & more efficient despatching process

  • No more hand-writing of consignment notes, resulting in fewer errors due to misreading handwriting or data entry. No longer needing to file paper copies 
  • Save and retrieve products, dangerous goods, receiver addresses, and account information on-the-go during consignment entry

Let your system ‘talk’ to ours via EDI Interfacing

  • Freman has an EDI interface which allows our customers to directly import consignment details from third party ERP systems 
  • The EDI interface allows you to automatically import your consignment note details from your ERP system so you only need to click print 
  • Save time in your despatch process by giving your team more time to continue on with other tasks instead of re-entering consignment information into multiple systems

Automated Pickup jobs

Your consignment details can be set up to be electronically uploaded into our network via Freman when you print your consignment notes. We can be automatically notified when your freight is ready to be picked up. This auto-pickup process can save you time by eliminating the need to phone or email a pickup request to our team 

Keep track of your important consignments

  • Notify your customers or be notified when your consignment is despatched, on the way or delivered to your customer via automatic notifications
  • Save notifications against a specific consignment note, or set it up to always send a notification when freight is despatched to a specific receiver. 
  • P.O.D online –Proof of Delivery links are available for all delivered consignments making it easy for your customer service or despatch teams.
  • Use your own order numbers or packing slip references as your consignment note numbers to make tracking your freight even easier

Hire Equipment Management

Manage your hire equipment accounts such as CHEP or Loscam pallets, keeping your costs under control and automatically transferring pallets off your account.

Get a quote and manage your costs

The system can quickly and easily produce a quote to send your freight from A to B. All you need is the destination, number of items, total cubic metres and weight to obtain a quote. You can then print or email a copy of your quotes to send to your customer. This can be saved as a PDF file to rationalise your invoice

Help is just a click away

  • Remote support is built into the Help menu without the need for an on-site visit.
  • If you need a quick tip or refresher, help is available through our user manuals and help text on every page.

To take control over your freight management, contact your local Account Manager

Freman - FAQ

Account Setup

How do I update my charge/sender code details?

This can only be updated by the Freman Team or your account manager. Contact your Account Manager or our IT Support Team for assistance

If we want to send our freight but charge one of our other branches for the shipment, can we select the other branch's charge code in Freman?

Yes this is possible. Please contact your account manager to provide you with this function

Can I import my list of customers into FremanWeb?

Yes, we can import your list of customers into FremanWeb. Contact your account manager to arrange this. 


I have selected my printers however the 'Change Printer' settings box is not closing, what should I do?

Please select a printer for each of the available printer options and re-try the Save & Close button

What size is the thermal label stock?

112mm x 98mm. 

What type of thermal label printer is compatible with FremanWeb?

Most label printers are compatible with FremanWeb - the main supported label printers are: Zebra, Intermec, Datamax thermal label printers

Why do I need to print out labels for our freight?

It is a great way to help identify your freight for both our team and yours. The labels are all printed with barcodes and all relevant consignment information - making it easier for us to find and deliver your freight to the right place.

I'm always having to tick/un-tick the printing options for every consignment and change the number of copies I want to print. Can I set these by default?

Yes, you can set various default profile settings under 'MAINTAIN' then 'OPTIONS'

Can I print multiple labels on a single A4 sheet?

Yes, we can activate an Avery Labels option which enables you to print 2 or 4 labels per page on an A4 sheet.


A Java pop up shows everytime I print, how do I stop it from happening?

Put a tick in 'Always Trust Content' and click 'Run'

What version of Java do I need to print in FremanWeb?

FremanWeb supports Java versions 6 update 30 and above. However it is recommended to always have the latest version

I've just updated my Java and FremanWeb is telling me to "Install and Update my Java plugin"

You may have multiple versions of Java installed, or your IT team may need to re-install Java with their system administrator credentials.

To check if you have multiple versions of Java installed follow these instructions


If you have multiple versions delete the oldest versions in the list.

Consignment Note

I send Hire (Loscom / CHEP) pallets - how can I declare this on my consignment note?

A hire function can be activated for your account. Once enabled you can specify how many Loscam/Chep pallets you are sending and this detail will upload with your consignment and can be tracked throughout the delivery. Please contact your account manager.

What happens if I delete a consignment note by mistake in FremanWeb?

If you have already printed that consignment note, then the data will have already uploaded to us. Although you can no longer see it in your Consignment Review screen, the note detail has still uploaded. You can track the consignment via www.mainchain.net if required.

How do I know my consignment note is uploaded?

FremanWeb automatically uploads your consignment to us when your consignment note is printed or previewed. Printing your labels does not upload the consignment.

Where can I enter special instructions for a customer/delivery?

Enter any special instructions into the body of the consignment note. If it is a very important note, it is always best to call our team as well.

Once a note is printed and I realise a mistake has been made, are we able to fix it? i.e. update the number of cartons, receiver details, m3 or kgs?

Yes, up until the time our drivers have picked up the freight and scanned the consignment note you are able to open that consignment note and make the changes you want. Just make sure you re-print the consignment note and labels.

Is there a freight forwarding option in FremanWeb for us to organise pick ups and deliveries not from our site?

Yes. Please select the Non-Standrad/Return Sender option from the New Consignment Note page and complete the consignment note as per normal. You will need to contact your local depot to arrange the pickup.

Can FremanWeb be used to automatically print out my Dangerous Goods declaration forms?

Yes, you will need to have this activated by your account manager and all DG record data loaded into FremanWeb.

What if my order is going to a receiver who requires a delivery time slot allocation?

You can specify delivery book-in details when entering a new consignment note. Please contact your account manager to activate this feature.

Can I interface my order system with FremanWeb to save time entering my consignments into FremanWeb and reduce double-entry?

Yes, we have an electronic data interface available in FremanWeb. Please contact your account manager for more details.

How can I notify/be notified when my consignment note is picked up, out for delivery, delivered etc.?

You can add custom notifications to your consignment notes and FremanWeb will automatically send an email/sms message to the specified recipients. You can set up these notifications to send automatically for your individual customers, or on-the-go when creating a new consignment note.

NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.