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Air & Ocean | Mainfreight

Looking for an international shipping solution to take your business to the next level? Whether you’re moving raw materials into your country or taking on the world by exporting your products, a freight forwarder will help you find your way through the complex international market.

Need it there now? Air freight is the fastest way to get your goods where they need to be. After a more cost effective option when speed isn’t crucial? Then Ocean freight may be the right for your cargo. Or you may want to use both air and sea and an intermodal service may be the option you are after. You know your product and the time frames you need it in; the right freight forwarder will understand your needs and deliver the entire shipping process creating different solutions to cater to your needs.

Global Supply Chain Coverage

To offer full global coverage, Mainfreight has a combination of owned branches through the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand and long standing agency partnerships throughout the rest of the world. Mainfreight offers sophisticated and specialised solutions in and out of the most dynamic economies in the world.

Mainfreight provides a full suite of services covering both import and export by sea and air, customs clearance, tariff classification; costing and consultancy all operated “in house”. Additionally, we can also manage the specialised services such as project logistics, bulk liquids, perishables, automotive, trans border and distribution. Complementing our Air and Ocean network, we offer a full on the ground road transport network to provide a full door to door solution backed by full visibility from pick up to delivery.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our deep understanding of the supply chain is backed by world class technologies. As our global network continues to expand, we are continually coming up with smart and efficient ways to ensure our technology services are capable of matching our global supply chain expansion.

We are committed to upgrading our technology and our online capabilities to deliver a single portal through which our customers can view, research and control all international transactions. Our technology allows us to provide data and reporting functionality across the international supply chain, allowing superior performance to manage volume, suppliers, and vendors, regardless of shipping terms.

Our dedicated Air and Ocean teams throughout the world are on hand to advise on services, markets, trade routes and everything you need to know to get your product though all the red tape and documentation processes.

At Mainfreight, we understand that every market is different and we offer dedicated services to suit local markets; find out more about our unique Air and Ocean services we offer in your region.

Our Air and Ocean Services Near You

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