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Recent Projects

Project Logistics - Transporting Live Animal

Jock the croc packs his bags and heads to Dubai

Jock the croc and his girlfriend are heading to the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre in the Dubai Mall.

The photo shows Greg Giarratana (Mainfreight Brisbane) trying to get the male crocodile into the purpose built refrigerated case for the journey.

The multi stage journey has the crocs loaded onto a truck from Rockhampton to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Singapore by freighter flight before a second flight from Singapore to Sharjah and a second truck to their final destination and new home in Dubai.



Project Cargo - Olex Cables

Olex Cables – Melbourne to Auckland

Mainfreight Melbourne and Olex Cables teamed up to move oversize cables drums ex their factory in Melbourne to Auckland. There are some 70 drums with an average weight of over 30 tonnes and diameter of 4 metres destined for the multi million dollar Naan project currently being completed in Auckland.

A move of this complexity and size does not happen over night. With months of negotiations the team have had to source heavy haulage equipment at origin and destination, arrange permits and route plans to move to and from the wharf. We have had to work with the ports in relations to lifting equipment, options and scheduling. With shipping lines we have had to work through schedules, load plans and even the rework of cargo holds and deck space to facilitate this move.



Project Cargo - Mining

341 Tonne of Mining Machinery

In conjunction with Dachser in Germany the importation of 341Tonne of machinery for use in the mining industry in South Australia. This consisted mainly of crates (pictured) each weighing 73tonne containing water pumps to assist in drawing water from up to 7km away from the mine to supply the water to the drilling device. The movement required heavy haulage, pilots, police escorts and all manner of organization between Melbourne, Adelaide and the final destination of the goods



Project cargo - Air freight

Worlds Largest Airfreight Movement of Glass

Our team were involved in the largest movement of glass by air, from Germany to Australia. The single sheet of glass weighing over 8000 kgs and measuring 13.80 metres in length arrived on a Korean freighter in August. Special handling was required to remove the piece via the aircraft nose and then being lowered to the ground using two hoists. A crane was then on hand to load the case onto the waiting trailer.


Project Logistics

Gladstone Linkspan Project

The Link-span made in China is basically a floating ramp to allow the discharge of Ro-Ro cargo onto Curtis Island at Gladstone. Gladstone will eventually have 4 multi-billion dollar LNG plants operating on Curtis island and a recent audit shows that the total value for projects in the region, currently under construction, committed or under study is in excess of AUD72 billion.

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