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Mainfreight USA Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our logistics activities. We respect our social and environmental responsibilities and understand our obligations to future generations. 

Mainfreight promotes a clean, safe and healthy environment for all its team.  We are committed to exceeding minimum environmental standards where practicable.  Our commitment to sustainability involves concerns for both natural and developed environments, and for the effective and economically and environmentally efficient use of resources.

Real or not, climate change remains an issue for businesses and governments everywhere. For Mainfreight it begins with accepting that our business is based on an activity that generates carbon emissions and therefore taking responsibility to reduce those emissions over time while maintaining our competitiveness and ability to deliver quality services as our customers expect. For these reasons and more, Mainfreight took the natural step of becoming a SmartWay Certified provider.

SmartWay Certification
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Mainfreight (MFRC) as a SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay is an innovative collaboration between the EPA and various industries designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security. Mainfreight joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership to show its commitment to promote greater air quality and to assist our team in making better choices for their businesses and the environment.

We believe that long term protection of natural resources is imperative for families, communities and for business – it will be a key indicator of future success. Our growing global footprint can and will make a difference in renewable and sustainable supply chain operations.

Energy and Environment


  • Utilization of electric pallet jacks in the warehouse and limited travel with propane forklifts between pick areas and loading - this has reduced fuel consumption by up to 40% and contributed to the positive energy and environment link.
  • Integration of recycling compactors in our logistics sites to reduce the amount of waste material being sent to local landfills.
  • Mainfreight printing is on 100% on recycled stock, including business cards, letterhead, airway bills, ocean bills of lading, annual reports and financial statements.
  • Through supply chain management – we can optimize shipment loads and utilize paperless documentation which reduces carbon footprint.

Social Responsibility to Mainfreight means doing business while accounting for the sustainable developments of the community, which we believe this is our responsibility as an enduring company.

Sustainability and Information Technology

  • Reducing the environmental impact of IT infrastructure is important. Our data centres in New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America are as energy efficient as possible through initiatives including:
  • Minimising computer room space to minimise cooling requirements
  • Installing efficient cooling systems
  • Using virtualisation to reduce hardware required, - and heat generated – Mainfreight currently runs 48 major applications across only 12 physical servers
  • Using hardware with variable energy management systems – running at full capacity only on an “as needed” basis

Future Sustainability Developments and Leadership

Mainfreight is actively committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Mainfreight will develop partnerships in the wider community to promote socially responsible environmental practices and show leadership in managing the use of finite resources.

Mainfreight’s commitment to sustainability, safety, health and the environment has been, and continues to be, a fundamental element of our operating practices and success to date.

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